The 5 Major Reasons You’re Not Gaining Mass

Every Kid has done it. That walk into the weight room. Maybe there were some butterflies in your stomach and some confusion into your head but that first day your feet lead you into that room surrounded by clanking plates, music blasting and a combination of smells that when weaved together can only be described as “gym” you had one thing on your mind “Get Big”!LBJ

So, you wrap your fingers around that barbell or dumbbell and get to work. You may not have fancy programming or perfect technique but you have determination and a will to work.

When you walk out of that weight room and pass the mirror in the hall you notice something. There may be a few more bumps, maybe a couple more veins, but you’re not BIG.

Why though? Well there could be a multitude of reasons but usually it is one of these 5 reason we list below that


  1. You’re not eating enough.


This is usually the culprit plain and simple. Just as most people gain weight because they are eating too much most people tend to stay small because they eat too little. I cannot tell you the number of parents who say “oh but he eats”. Well if the scale is not going up it is not enough. Every 145-155lb kid has abs. If you are going to work hard in the gym you need to support it with nutrition.  It must be the #1 priority in your list.


  1. Too much junk training


Save the foo-foo bodybuilding stuff and the quasi functional corrective stuff for another time. You need big movements with the right amount of volume done efficiently and with effort. Every ounce of energy you spend otherwise is counterproductive

  1. Too much Conditioning


You want to be a muscle car but you’re training like a Prius? Doesn’t make sense. Too many people get caught up in conditioning. The truth is most people either go way too hard when it comes to conditioning or not nearly hard enough. Quite often we wind up in this middle zone where we don’t have that much endurance we’re not top end fast and we’re crushing our recovery.  In the end, you wind up a little smaller, not as explosive as you could be and just constantly a low level state of fatigue


  1. You don’t rest enough


This is the one where people are usually like “whoa what”. But Twitter and Instagram tell me “there are no rest days” or “rise & grind …daily”.  Well, that doesn’t mean tearing yourself down every day.  Recovery is important. You need to move a little less when trying to gain quality mass.  In fact, there should be no wasted movements. Your training you perform should be purposeful, with intent and efficient. You don’t need to play EVERY basketball or baseball game (especially pick up). You don’t need to run 5 miles just because you need to be “in shape”. You can be that sort of in shape freshman that finishes out his career 5-10lbs bigger than when he started or you can be that ACTUALLY in shape senior that finishes out his career 25-35lbs heavier than when he started. The choice is yours.


  1. You don’t sleep enough


Playing off of our last point, you must get sleep in order grow.  While we do want to “rest” more throughout the day it is that nighttime window of sleep where all sorts of magic happens that not only helps us repair from our last session but also prepare for our next. There is no time to waste. Sleep is THAT important a minimum of 7 hours with 8/9 being much better is required. That may mean putting the phone or tablet away a little sooner and shutting down earlier than you’re used to. This all hinges on our bonus reason though


*Bonus reason*

  1. You’re just not working hard enough in the weight room


It is a tough pill to swallow but in order to rest more, sleep more, eat more you must earn it! You may even work hard in the weight room…just not hard enough.  You need tough progressive sessions to maximize your mass gain potential. Here at Driven Athletics we come up with smart plans that require immense effort for our mass gain athletes. While the reward is often great it is not attained without toughness and a will to improve.



So, there you have it! 5 …well…6 reasons you are not gaining mass. While it is easy to label someone a hard gainer it is just as easy to shed that label and come out the other side bigger better and stronger. A smart plan and hard work lead the way. Are you in? Are you Driven?