About the Owner

Mike HeadshotSpend 5 minutes with Mike Marcinek and there is a solid chance you will end up discussing training, nutrition or sports. He can’t help it, it’s just what drives him.

The wheels were set in motion years ago. Playing baseball at an early age, Mike had a passion for the game, but he felt that issues with his weight held him back from being the athlete he knew that he could be. His passion was only matched by his frustration as nutrition was something that only moms seemed to worry about and training was something that meathead bodybuilders, not athletes, were good at. It wasn’t until he started playing football, that he started to fall in love with the process of strength and conditioning and athlete development in general.

Very quickly, something that was originally only supposed to be a supplement to his athletic career became a full on obsession. Mike threw himself head on into the study and science behind both the time honored and cutting edge systems of strength training as well as nutrition. After some time as a competitive power lifter, Mike would go on to earn a Bachelor’s degree in nutrition and dietetics as well as become a Registered Dietitian. He then followed this up by earning a Master’s degree in sports nutrition and exercise science from Marywood University.

A self-professed training nerd, Mike is fueled by a desire to never stop learning. His journey has taken Driven Athletics from training out of athletes basements to an 1,800 sq. foot facility to a 5,000 sq. foot facility with additional outdoor capabilities on route 6 in Blakely, PA. He has been recognized by his peers and coaches as one of the area’s premier strength and conditioning coaches, having worked with middle school, high school , collegiate and professional athletes.

Mike and his staff are driven to help every athlete reach their goals and reach every last bit of potential out of their athletic careers.

Certifications and Recognition
B.S Nutrition and Dietetics, Marywood University
M.S. Sports Nutrition & Exercise Science, Marywood University
Registered Dietitian
Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist- National Strength and Conditioning Association
Strong First
Level 2 Kettlebell instructor
Russian Kettlebell Challenge- Certified Instructor
Certified Sports Performance Coach- United States Weightlifting
Level 2 Functional Movement Specialist- Functional Movement Systems
CKFMS- Certified Kettlebell Functional Movement Specialist
Youth Fitness Specialist- International Youth Conditioning Association
Perfect Postures- Levels 1,2,3,4
Bioforce- Certified Conditioning Coach