Baseball S&C

While we have had success with many athletes across a variety of sports, our approach to the baseball/softball athlete at Driven Athletics has truly set us apart.

For years, baseball players avoided strength training because of a fear of becoming “muscle bound “or “tight”.  When players and coaches started to realize that training could actually be beneficial, they often just performed “cookie-cutter” programs or simply mimicked what the football team was doing.

That is why many people consider our Driven Athletics Elite Baseball Strength and Conditioning program a  game changer.

Our unique approach involves a very detailed individual assessment.  Once we have gathered all of the information we need, from injury history and injury risks to goals and needs, we then develop a program specific to that athlete.


We don’t believe in baseball programs. Ask yourself this question: “Should a right handed centerfielder who hits leadoff have the same program as a left handed middle relief pitcher?

Take that a step further “Would a 215lb right handed starting pitcher who is a high school senior have the same needs as 150lb righty who is a freshman?” We say no, while there might be some similarities, they both have unique needs.

That is why our Elite Baseball Strength Training program is the perfect fit for the baseball athlete. We take your individual needs and support them with intelligent program design and the highest quality coaching.

Whether your goals are more power, more speed, less injuries or increased velocity, the Driven Athletics Elite Baseball Strength and Conditioning program will provide you with tools you need to help dominate on the diamond!