What to Expect

Before we tell you what we do and how we do it, you need to know WHY we do what we do.

Our WHY is having the belief and understanding that time is precious. An athletic career is remarkably short in comparison to a lifetime. We do what we do because we feel that not one second should be wasted. Not one opportunity lost because of a lack of effort. We are the relentless pursuit of elite strength and conditioning. This is because at Driven, we take every opportunity to get as much out of every session, every athlete, every set and every rep as we can. Your success fuels our success. Because helping athletes reach their goals is our passion.


Driven Athletics provides the highest quality personal, semi-private, and sports performance group training in Northeastern Pennsylvania and beyond.

Certified, educated, and supportive, our trainers are ready to guide clients through every aspect of training, nutrition and lifestyle to reach their desired goals and then some. We evaluate and assess every client so that we can create a program that will yield the best possible results for YOU. We address everything from Movement Mechanics and progress at the client’s pace, through mobility, coordination, flexibility, core training, strength and conditioning. We achieve the best possible results while striving to balance challenge and enjoyment.